Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Free Online MongoDB(NOSQL) Training ...

Any one want to do a free course in MongoDB

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Thursday, 18 October 2012 down ...

Frankly it shocks me to see one of UK largest main website being down for nearly 12 hours.

I was not able to access HSBC personal banking website from yesterday(18/10/2012) evening 5 PM.

Attaching the screen shot

Frankly the banks should pay consultants (like me :p) to have a proper solution .... Instead of loosing money employing dummers and duffers .... ;)

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Mac Time Machine Backup

In case you Mac TimeMachine Takes long ... After Mountain Lion the backup takes long ... I think there is a bug in spotlight.

How to solve it ?

Technically stop the spotlight using the command ...

Open up a terminal

> sudo launchctl unload -w /System/Library/LaunchDaemons/

Now the Backup will be faster.

Once done enable the spotlight back

> sudo launchctl load -w /System/Library/LaunchDaemons/

My backup took very long ... got this solution and finished my back up.

Hope this helps ...