Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Bitcoin Faucets

Here I am going to list the bit coin faucets which I have tried. You can drop in some bitcoins for me to text the working links

My Wallet

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Lite coin  ::

What is a Bitcoin faucet?

A faucet in the alternate currency world is basically a website that gives you a small amount of the coin for free, whether because of the advertising revenue they have on the site, various clicks they get, or because they are interested in promoting their crypto-currency & if someone has a stake in that crypto-currency then they are more likely to promote it. So then what is a Bitcoin faucet? A bitcoin faucet does every a faucet does except it gives you the crpyto-currency Bitcoin. Recently hitting a high of $395/bitcoin faucets now pay out more than ever. Bitcoin faucets are especially good for those with empty wallets whom want to see some coins in there - or those with a small number of coins. Check out the below links to get some free bitcoins!

1.Bitcoin Faucet 1

2.Bitcoin Faucet 2

3. Bitcoin Faucet 3

4.  Bitcoin Faucet4

5. Bitcoin Faucet 5